Communications Associate Posted Oct 30
Red Edge , Arlington, VA
Red Edge, a leading digital advocacy firm specializing in apps, ads, and ideas is looking for a detail-oriented person to drive digital communications for our clients, which include major leaders in the corporate, non-profit, and association worlds.

We’re looking for someone who can listen intently and work with our team of highly creative colleagues to execute communications strategy across email, web, and social media. Day-to-day core responsibilities will include deploying grassroots emails, analyzing performance of digital campaigns across platforms, looking for patterns in data, keeping track of key metrics, and assisting with digital advertising campaigns.

We’re looking for someone who is self-motivated, organized, has excellent oral and written skills, and a high level of attention to detail.

About Red Edge
We’re a Courthouse, Arlington-based digital advocacy firm which primarily assists clients on free-market and personal-liberty issues and we:
Work in a fast-paced, exciting environment
Don’t care about titles
Do care about talent
Don’t care about fancy advanced degrees
Do care about work ethic
Won’t be impressed by the three years of “experience” you had stagnating at one job
Will be impressed by a cool project you made on your own

The ideal candidate would:
Enjoy kicking ass
Work hard and play hard
Have a good sense of humor
Know what they don’t know, and be willing to learn
May lack for experience but not of a desire to learn
Enjoy messing with the status quo
Want to create one’s own job description based on his/her own success

Dress: Casual, except when we have to meet clients. Full-time hours are 9:30-6:30, but flexible.

Benefits: 401k contribution, health insurance contribution, commuter funds. But the most important benefit is enjoying your work and knowing that it’s meaningful.