Director of Content Production Posted Jan 02
Ayn Rand Institute: The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism , Irvine, CA
Why Join Us
Imagine working for an institute that advocates a culture of reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism; that believes in a world in which individuals are free to pursue their own happiness, to create, to stand proud of their achievements¬—to be the heroes of their own lives. The Ayn Rand Institute, whose mission it is to advance that reality each and every day, seeks a Director of Content Production with strong project-management and leadership skills to help develop and lead the content development efforts of a think tank organization that promotes the fundamental pro-freedom values of individualism and the free market.

Our Employer Brand
The ARI staff is filled with highly intelligent specialists and passionate generalists who are motivated to build awareness of Ayn Rand and her ideas among students, educators, scholars and political influencers. Other staff is focused on building understanding of Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, and its relevance in today’s world. The professionals on ARI’s content team work together to develop thought-provoking ideas that will be viewed the world over. Our goals are furthered by a business culture that welcomes a healthy balance of work and fun. You’ll find our employees celebrating our victories in a multitude of ways; book launches, monthly movie and game nights, or simply coming together for meaningful conversations that turn into real products of the mind.

What We Need
Our best candidate will be able to take the lead in assisting the CEO and Chief Content Officer (CCO) in managing and prioritizing the content development required to accomplish ARI’s mission. You will put a high priority on relieving the CCO of administrative and organizational duties not directly related to the CCO’s teaching, writing, editing and mentoring activities. This position serves as a leader for the Content and Philosophical Leadership (CPL) team in promoting synergies and coordination cross-functionally within ARI. You will meet regularly with the CCO to plan and coordinate the schedules of ARI writers and speakers. You must be comfortable reporting to the CEO and will serve as an important member of the Executive Team. This position is critical in keeping the CEO informed regularly about CPL’s activities and you will work together to ensure the strategies are aligned with mission critical objectives.

How Job Furthers ARI’s Goals
This position supports the CPL team by managing the workflow and content output of ARI’s writers and speakers, resulting in better quality and increased quantity of output. Content output includes all intellectual work produced, including online publications, books, articles written for both internal and external publication, OAC and Campus and other courses, prepared talks, presentations and web-based publications. A major objective of this position is to relieve the CCO of organizational and administrative duties, allowing the CCO to mentor, teach and edit the work of content producers in the CPL group, and to serve as the liaison between the CPL team and the CEO.

Project Management:
The Director of Content Production manages projects for ARI’s content production, focusing on the following tasks:

• Management Style: You’re highly organized and possess a warm and approachable management style.
• Chess Master: You can think five moves ahead and are proactive in circumventing challenges.
• Goals-Setter: You set quarterly and annual production goals. Production may take the form of written articles intended for publication, prepared talks, social media outreach, video production, etc. Coordinate individual and group schedules as necessary to achieve production goals.
• Gate-Keeper: Manage CCO’s time to provide mentorship, editing and professional development counseling to ARI’s writers and speakers. Coordinate work schedules of writers and speakers to achieve timely production of all written content . Provide cross-functional input and support for programs across all ARI divisions.
• Efficiency Expert: Work with team to provide appropriate support required to maximize the efficiency of content development.
• Organizer: Work closely with internal staff, external vendors and advisers to implement and track content development deadlines and deliverables for all components using appropriate project management software. Ensure research, editing and review support for programs is prioritized among instructors, staff writers and speakers.
• Team Rep: Represent CPL division in interdepartmental meetings, identifying content priorities and communicating key information to and from CEO, CCO and CPL directors.
• Reporter: Prepare reports about programs’ content projects and status; present to and discuss with CEO, CCO and CPL directors. Maintain detailed project documentation including meeting minutes, action lists and issues lists. Brief CEO on a regular basis on the status of content production.
• Project Overseer: Drive action items and program deliverables for content team members, documenting deliverables from program staff. Manage CPL team members’ input into programs and projects; work with CPL leadership to select appropriate assignments.

Division Administration:
• Reporter: Work with division administrative support to process monthly AMEX statements and other admin reports. Maintain employee work reports, manage the performance evaluation process within the CPL division, and ensure division members are working toward meaningful goals.
• Number Cruncher: Manage the CPL budget.
• Tech Guru: You are familiar with Google Drive, Basecamp, Dropbox and other cloud-based tools used by divisions for internal and program activities.
• Other Work: Approve and monitor time off, vacation and sick leave. Monitor and approve timesheets for direct reports. Other duties as assigned.

• High-level administrative responsibility
• Decisions and supervision are concerned with quality control, timing, scheduling and coordination of content production, but not directly with the subject matter of such content.
• Six to 10 direct reports, including fellows, researchers, instructors, writers and associates.

Experience with project management and web programs is preferred as is experience working with talented academics, professors, students and others whose time is limited but essential for ARI programs. Must show an ability to handle several tasks simultaneously, along with being comfortable in switching between long-range and short-range projects. The candidate must be able to meet deadlines while maintaining a calm, professional demeanor. Ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and in speaking, is a must. The successful candidate must be well acquainted with the principles of Objectivism. A four-year college degree in business or a similar field is a must.

Significant interaction with ARI’s intellectual and program staff and with external consultants. Some contact with students and other target audiences of ARI. A professional, pleasant and enthusiastic demeanor is required.

Those interested in applying for this position should forward a résumé and a cover letter including salary expectations to the attention of Human Resources Operations Manager at