Energy Project Campaign Manager and Analyst Posted Jan 10
Texas Public Policy Foundation , Austin, TX
The Energy Project Campaign Manager and Analyst will manage the Foundation’s campaign to highlight the harm of renewable energy subsidies. The primary responsibility of the position will be coordinating the Foundation’s research, production of videos, public outreach, and social media campaigns on how subsidies in electricity markets violate sound free-market principles and harm consumers, taxpayers, and the Texas economy. Part of this work will include researching, writing about, and educating policymakers, the media, and the public on this issue.

Responsibilities include:
• Managing the various aspects of the Foundation’s issue campaign on renewable energy subsidies
• Organizing and carrying out the day-to-day activities of the campaign, including planning, managing deadlines, preparing reports, responding to requests, etc.
• Coordinating with the Foundation’s Communication’s Department on the production of videos and social media campaigns
• Coordinating with the Foundation’s Events Department on setting up various promotional events around the state
• Coordinating the work of various researchers on this project
• Writing commentaries, blog posts, and social media outreach on renewable energy subsidies
• Proactively identifying and taking advantage of opportunities where the Foundation can effect public policy on this issue
• Supporting other work of the Foundation

• Completion of an educational level that, in conjunction with relevant job experience, demonstrates a level of competence necessary to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the position.
• Ability to manage complex projects and run and issues campaign
• Ability to explain complex legislative and regulatory issues related to renewable energy to the public
• Excellent researching, writing, and public presentation skills
• Understanding of economics and support of free markets

This is a temporary position, either full-time or part-time, through the end of May. The position’s salary will be commensurate with the experience, expertise, and skills of the applicant who takes the position. Please send cover letter, resume, salary requirement, and references to:

Greg Sindelar, Director of Operations

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